If you do not find the piece you want to buy, please, contact us!

We launched our gallery SmirnovArt to give you background information on the talented Russian artist Sergey Smirnov, and to assist you in buying giclees created from Smirnov’s originals.

Not only we have made it our purpose to guarantee each sale, but we ensure that our customers acquire authentic and museum quality giclees created by Sergey Smirnov’s wife, Natasha Smirnov, who is the only legal right holder. We make sure that our customers are protected from buying law quality prints and cheap reproductions that today’s online galleries are selling.

Every sale is guaranteed by Smirnov’s wife, Natasha Smirnov. We offer our customers limited edition giclees signed and numbered by Sergey Smirnov’s wife, and certified by certificates of authenticity. To keep our prices affordable, we also assist in you in buying the same high quality giclees without numbering and certifying them with certificates of authenticity.

We hope you find our gallery helpful and enjoyable.