Adding your order to your shopping bag 

Select an artwork you want to purchase from the online catalogue and add your order to your shopping bag.


Using your shopping bag

When you add all favorite artworks to your shopping bag, click the bag icon for order. You can move back to review the online catalogue.


Shopping bag

You can review your order before it is final. With your shopping bag open, you can make changes to the size and quantity of an item, or add another, delete an item or move it back to the active shopping. Your shopping bag can hold items you want to purchase now as well as items you are still thinking about.


 Signing in

 You need your name, email address and telephone number for ordering online.


Completing your online order

Click the checkout button to complete your online order.

Congratulations on your order confirmation!
Within 24 hours, you receive an order confirmation call from our gallery manager, or an order confirmation e-mail, which shows the order status.


We wish you a pleasant purchasing!